Tuesday, 17 January 2012

How to choose the right mountain bike?

    Nowadays, lots of different kind of mountain bike were exists so it maybe a little bit hard to choose which  one will fit you.The answer is it depends on several factors you should consider. The most important of this to consider is choose what kind of personal/preference riding you want to be. There are four categories of mountain bike to choose from: Cross-country(XC), All-mountain (AM), freeride(FR) and downhill(DH). 

1. Cross country(XC) bikes are the most efficient and would be the best choice for beginners because its light and very easy to ride. If your a commuter biker or just fun riding around the village, this one is for you.

2. All-mountain (AM) bikes are also like XC bikes but has suspension on the bike frame in which helps the rider to be more stable on trail. These are very excellent bikes due to their efficiency, comfort and stability in controlling along the tracks or in trails.

3. Freeride (FR) bikes are usually design for large drops, jumps and  manmade stunts. Its usually like BMX bike riding type which usually see in X-Games that performs lot of bike tricks. These bike also had suspension frame and fork but there are also some hard tail design (like XC bikes) but much much stronger frame than XC bikes.So if your this kind of rider you want to be, freeride bikes is for you.

4. Downhill (DH) bikes are built just for downhill racing. Usually it was design for serious or we can called extreme riding experience because it will cause you trouble when your skills is not enough to handle this thing. If you some kind of motocross type of rider, this is for you. Design, stability, control,endurance and used of these bikes are more likely can compare to an enduro or motocross motorcycle.

Just wanna share also my bike:

         All of these four categories, my bike falls on AM type. I personally choose these kind of bike because it really fit my needs in biking. I can ride everywhere, whether in city or trail riding.

Ride safe everyone.....

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  1. wow.. very informative..
    thanks for all this info.. im planning to purchase one this month but i dont have any idea on what type do i need..
    your article really helps me..