Monday, 28 May 2012

First Look of Suntour Rux DH Fork Prototype

dh fork
   Suntour's all-mountain Durolux fork has been well received by riders and media alike, including here on Pinkbike, but they have also been working hard behind the scenes on the newest Rux, a long travel dual crown fork for the downhillers out there. While the fork pictured on the front of Buehler's bike isn't yet a production unit (and Suntour hasn't chosen a release date), we can expect the 8" travel fork to employ the same 38mm stanchions once it becomes available to the public. An MSRP has also not been decided upon, but we can assume that it will retail for a sensible amount given Suntour's competitive pricing

      Damping duties are handled by a long travel version of Suntour's RC2 cartridge, with external adjustments for both low and high speed compression, as well as rebound. The cartridge is a sealed, full aluminum unit that keeps the damping oil separate from the lubrication fluid, but is also fully serviceable by the consumer. The RC2 cartridge also receives Suntour's QSP (Quick Service Product) designation, meaning that it can be pulled out and swapped quickly if an issue does arise.

Suntour Rux details:
• New dual crown DH fork model
• 200mm of travel (internally adjustable)
• 38mm stanchion tubes
• RC2 damping cartridge (sealed, serviceable)
• Air sprung w/ volume adjusting spacers for a linear or progressive feel
• Externally adjustable rebound, separate low and high speed compression
• Direct mount stem compatible top crown
• Weight: TBA
• Release date: TBA

      The left fork leg houses the Rux's air spring, with its schrader valve hidden under the anodized aluminum top cap. The fork employs a volume adjustment system via removable spacers, allowing riders to create a more progressive or linear stroke depending on the conditions. While this system isn't as user friendly as a external volume adjustment dial, it likely uses much simpler internals to accomplish the same goal. Compression adjustments are made by turning the anodized blue and grey dials atop the right fork leg, with rebound found at the bottom of the same leg.
damper adjust
The Rux offers enough tire clearance for even the largest volume tires that are currently out there (left). The fork's 20mm thru-axle system doesn't require any tools, but it does differ from Suntour's tool-less Q-Loc axle clamp in that it has been designed to provide more clamping force.

The Rux's top crown uses a standard direct mount stem pattern that allows you to choose from the large selection of aftermarket choices.

Here's are some photos:

Figure 1

damper adjust
Figure 2

dh bike

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